me painting at terra sopha.croppedI am adept at wearing lots of different hats: working artist, creativity consultant, teacher, art doctor, designer author. All part of being a creative being. If I don’t create, I do actually get just a bit crazy so filling my days with creative endeavors is a requirement.

Shiloh Sophia McCloud Lewis, the founder of the Intentional Creativity movement, is the one who first put me on the path of painting. Then I went off and studied with her teacher, American Master painter Sue Hoya Sellars, who taught me sumi-e; she was taught by her teacher, Lenore Thomas Straus. A lineage I honor today by working with Shiloh in the IC movement and on the Hoya Archive project.

In, Out. Dark, Light. San Francisco, CASomewhere in there I became one of the first certified teachers of the Color of Woman Intentional Creativity method. And began my career as an Art Doctor training other COLOR teachers. Vision plans are one of my favorite things to teach.

This all happened after a long stint in hi-tech land from which I ended up with 21 patents and a healthy dose of technology. I was the second person in the world to design icons – on the Apple Lisa computer. The same computer I designed a large set of typefaces for. And Moof, the dogcow (and if you know who Moof is, you are truly a geek. Just sayin’.)

From hi-tech land, I took a very solid left turn and received a Masters degree in Women’s Spirituality which goes handily with my shamanic spiritually path, one I came into via my mother’s side of the family. Having a grandmother with the Sight opened doors that I might not otherwise have walked down.

snake tennis shoes

I’ve dabbled in ceramic sculpture, taught kids how to decorate tennis shoes, facilitated offsites for teams needing a creative boost, designed wordpress sites for artists, and continue to create and show my work in galleries and shows.

My paintings are symbolic and visionary and part of the emerging Contemporary Symbolism movement. I love working with symbol, metaphor, color and layers of mystery. My Muse loves whispering in my ear as I paint. 

The sumi-e sketches I post almost every day on social media are done in the field, on the trail, at the beach – wherever I happen to be. I always have a setkchbook and pen with me. You never know when a sea shell might call to be drawn.

Fallen Angel by Annette Wagner. Watercolor and sumi-e ink.

The watercolor sumi-e style paintings I create are from my adventures traveling with the man of my heart who has an affinity for mountain tops, deserts, the ocean and the beautiful places in nature. I follow along perching myself on rocks, sitting next to alpine wildflowers and generally just soaking in the experience.

I document my story and my thoughts on the creative process on my blog. I’m also the Managing Editor for the Cosmic Cowgirls Magazine which hosts a wide variety of articles from poets, authors, and artists. And some of mine. The Cosmic Cowgirls is a women owned company and community dedicated to transforming lives into legends. Yup, legends. My kind of crowd.

happy creating,